I always believed that, whatever we choose to do, even a minor thing, we have to choose if we are interested ONLY!

I see if I am interested in whatever I do or plan to do. My interest formula is so simple, Even if I have to move a simple pin to anything I do, I will make sure if I can learn anything with what I am going to do, and is that knowledge is needed for me now or in future. Yes, I do become selfish here to think of my self but if not I don’t give my first thought about learning, then I may take it for granted.

Secondly, I check if it helps me or others in a positive way and last but not the least, I always check if I enjoy doing it.

Coming back to the topic, on my personal interests, my first interest is my work! I have chosen IT because I was very much attracted and in love with what I do. Secondly, I love traveling. Either a ride or a drive, I love traveling and exploring each corner of the world. I do road trips on my bike or car with my friends/brothers. I traveled most parts of North India like Nagpur, Delhi, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Batala and parts of South India like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh. I only love places where I can explore Nature. I feel calm and relax while watching the Nature’s beauty and my brain gets to drain and I learn how lovely and powerful our creator is. Ah, if I go deeper then I get triggered to plan something. I would be writing more blogs on each of my trip in future.

FOOD: This plays a major role in my life. I am very choosy about food. I do eat everything which is made and approved to eat but fresh. It is always been important and a concerned about how a dish has been made and it’s ingredients. Even if it is a simple bread, it is important to me how it tastes and what are the ingredients add in it. It turns out to be funny for most of you that I travel hundreds of miles to have a great TEA! 🙂 Hope you got an idea.

Apart from above interests, I like Music, though I like all types of music, I prefer neat music and good for our ears. I like music from A.R. Rahman and my fav DJ is David Guetta. I do love Automobiles. I love to drive/maintain every car, especially vintage or old models. I don’t get attracted to luxurious cars.

Games: I like playing TT. This is all time favorite game. Although I would not get enough time to spend on TT, whenever there is a possibility I cannot hold myself. I use to love playing cricket but once it got so common by coming up with some silly cups, I am not so interested these days with Cricket. I do like playing carroms and chess sometimes.

This is common that, every guy loves to be with Friends and Family, hanging out with them every week, contribute in their events etc.

So, That’s it. My Next upcoming blog will be on My Journey towards Career and I am sure you would enjoy it too.