My Introduction

Hi Friends,
My Name is “Zubair Ahmed” and people also call me ‘Zed’ because I was carrying an alternative name “Zed Williams” throughout my professional career. I dropped out early from school because I was not much attracted to studies and moved towards jobs. Initially, I was involved with may Odd jobs from a small age. Later in the year 2000, I decided to go with IT field. I would be writing in detail about my career journey in my next blog (My Incredible journey of my on going Career) later tomorrow.

I created this website long back but was hard for me to spend time on my own stuff. Anyhow, finally I made it and thought of writing an intro blog today. I would share a lot of things from now on. I want to keep my web portal very casual and would like to share about almost any topic which I am involved in or maybe not involved in. I would mostly be sharing about technology, personal experiences, about Automobiles, electronics, Technology, traveling, events, causes etc.

Hope you will find it interesting in my future blogs.

Thanks for visiting me.

Keep in touch!

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