Just because of my uncles (yes, the credit goes to my two uncles, always been thankful) I joined as a Reception executive in a training center. I got trained there just with the help of other experts (Thankful to him) who helped me a lot in understanding the basics of computers/networks which helps me throughout my career. There I got attracted to the IT (Information Technology) field and started my career as a system administrator in the same Training center. There I use to manage accounts, infra, computers, and their networks. After working for 2 years, I moved to my first corporate world as Data entry executive.

From here my actual core journey begins.

Within 3 months of joining, I moved to IT Support Dept there and started working as System Administrator, then promoted as Server Administrator where I use to manage Active Directory servers, mail servers, web servers, and networks. This was my initial stage in corporate kind of organization and here my CEO, management, and my IT Manager were very helpful and great in extracting my capabilities by grooming my technical and management skills by involving me in ISO and CMMI level certification processes. After working for two years here, I got another opportunity from another public limited corporate as a Lead Server Administrator.

Here comes a boring point of my career. But, anyhow I took this as a minor rest point.

Here I joined as a Lead Server Administrator. When it comes to lead, it means you don’t have much to do and just watch how your team is doing. Here my management journey starts and major server-side troubleshooting. I use to manage a team, manage Active Directory servers, internal mail server, Sharepoint server, Wildfire Chat server, Cisco Routers and a huge network. Once everything is set up perfectly, we never needed to touch next time, because everything was running smoothly with no surprises. That is the actual reason for getting bored. But, the only plus point of this job was managing such a huge network, computers, servers for overall 600 users and around 200 users on fields. Also learned how to deal with the management, work process, leading the team and reporting. Hey, you know what? it is my first job where I have also appointed as an Event manager and use to conduct all kind of events for New Years, Birthday Celebrations, Company delegate meetings, Festival Celebrations, Tournaments etc. After working for just a year, I got another opportunity from a legal based firm. Though I was really bored by just managing but not upgrading my knowledge base, I joined this Legal firm.

After going through a boring stop, from here I took a new direction.

As soon as I joined, appointed once again as Lead Windows Administrator, I started managing team, servers, networks, but a question arises, it is similar to what I was doing in the previous job. But, no, here I got introduced to Linux. Got attracted to Linux and decided to move on to the Linux platform. Got expertized in RHEL and Debian kernels here and use to manage verity of servers with the help of my seniors. But, suddenly I got moved to the Infringement Department and here I use to work on patent infringements. My job was to analyze a product and define how the product matches the patented claims. I work on very nice products which I cannot disclose as per the NDA I signed with this company.

Now comes a great turn, to which I call “Second Life”. Yes, this was my second life in my career. I am sure you guys will get surprised with my next sentence.

I got another opportunity by the reference of my close friend and I joined as Web Developer.

Yes, that is true! I was always been creative beside doing jobs. But, never mixed them. This was the time to mix my creativity and professionalism together. I joined here and use to manage Drupal websites, develop sites in Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and other platforms. Slowly I started managing web servers, database servers, designing templates for the websites and web troubleshooting. Let’s discuss this in my next post soon.